Friday, December 04, 2009


Review of this new film at Ship of Fools, and interviews/clips at Damaris.

If you're still struggling for some songs for that Christmas play, it might be worth popping along. Looks like fun.

Ship of Fools interviewed Martin Freeman, star of the movie:
I asked Martin Freeman if he saw a parallel between those pupils and the twelve disciples – hopeless-turned-heroes.

"I hadn't seen that," he admitted, "but the reason for me that any of that stuff – the religiosity – has validity is that there are some good things to give to people – like the idea of redemption; the idea that we can turn something around. If we are watching films, who do we get behind? The underdog. What the flip was Jesus if he wasn't an underdog, born in a bleedin' manger, you know what I mean?"

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