Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The White Witch is Alive and Well and somewhere in Yarlswood Detention Centre

Santa Claus was turned away from Yarlswood detention centre last week, after attempting to deliver £300 of gifts to the children imprisoned, sorry, detained there. Ekklesia has the full story. It appears that as well as inhumane treatment of children and residents, the detention centre is determined to detain people in a perpetual winter, and deny them Christmas.

For more on Yarlswood, see here, this is the sorry place where Elizabeth Rushamba's children have spent far more of their lives than you'd wish on anybody.

The children of asylum-seekers are the only children in this country who can be locked up without oversight of the courts and without ever having committed a crime. The government's decision to detain them is not subject to judicial scrutiny. They are the casualties of a system that demonises asylum-seekers.

Come on. You can do better than this.
Ht Paul Canning, who I assume is no relation to the Paul Canning who crops up as a minor character in the BBC political drama State of Play, which I happened to watch on DVD a couple of days ago. But you never know.

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