Sunday, December 20, 2009

Homeless and cold. But at least they've got fur.

yes, well, hmmm, this seems to be about animal homelessness. Not entirely sure I get it. However if, like me, you wonder if human compassion is sometimes too easily swayed by cute animals rather than not-so-cute real people, here's the Shelter website, which includes a feature enabling you to put Christmas decorations onto Google Streetview. Our house isn't on there yet, sadly. Sorry, thankfully. But you're welcome to have a crack at the church.

If you're anywhere near London and want to volunteer to help over Christmas, here's the Crisis site. By coincidence, potential Christmas No. 1 Rage Against the Cowell Machine are raising money for Shelter as well, but you may want to donate 100% to Shelter rather than split it with RATM. I'm guessing it's a bit too late to launch a campaign for folk to download Cliff Richards Mistletoe and Wine in an effort to keep both offences against music from the top spot.

And a Church Times report this week on rough sleepers in London.

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