Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Bath & Wells website

Update: the comms people are pretty responsive - emailed most of the following to the site, and they were happy to recieve suggestions and are working on one or two of them. Am now linked.

My Diocese has just revamped its website, the new one looks a bit more up to date than the old, and is easier to get around. Some of the sections have been tightened up, and most of it seems to work. It's a lot easier to look at too, nice bright front page, good pictures, and it has the kind of stuff you want on a front page - news, key links, events etc.

The local churches bit is better - picks up info direct from 'A Church Near You', but doesn't seem to link to the churches own websites. It's also a bit of a worry to find that I'm not listed on the staff of my own Deanery or church. Better keep my head down.

Best bit: lots of templates for employing youth and childrens workers - policies, contracts etc., and some of the childrens resources 'Seasonal Prayers for Children'. Look forward some some of the resource booklets that the Childrens Advisor puts together being made available online. They're excellent, but having to trek to Wells for hard copy means they don't get the circulation they deserve.

tricks missed? - there are lots of great resources on other Diocesan websites, and it would be good to see some of these linked. There are links back to the national CofE site, which saves some duplication, but things like mission and communication resources are a click away, and they're all here in one place to save trawling through 43 websites.

The other thing is blogs - there's an intermittent blog by the School of Formation (training department), which isn't very high profile. There aren't links to the few of us who blog out there in the wilds of the parishes. Maybe for good reason, if they've actually read the stuff that me and Steve write about. Sorry, Steve and I. No wonder we're not linked with grammar like that.

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