Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Links

A few blogs recently added to my favourites:

Christian Cheese: some very 'interesting' pictures, mostly around the interface of Jesus and US politics. Rather worrying at times!

Get Out of Jail Free: blog of a Christian prison chaplain, varied, and provocative, and gives an insight into a little-seen aspect of ministry

The Half-Blood Welshman: describes himself as a twentysomething unemployed former student, golfer, reader, writer, bad organist, opinionated young fool, geek. Mainly on politics, but some good posts on Dawkins recently.

Vintage Faith: blog of Dan Kimball, on emerging church, leadership, mission and culture.

Self Supporting Minister: what it says on the tin, fairly new, but worth a look

Mustard Seed Kingdom: not to be confused with Mustard Seed Shavings.

Between: really good, thoughtful blog by Jonathan Evens, vicar and multi-faith consultatant, about a whole load of stuff I'd not even think of writing about. Fascinating list of influential books and favourite art.

and a great post by David Ker why American Christians look so stupid and what you can do about it, on the electoral politics of US Christians.


  1. Hi David

    Thanks for the link!

    Are you sure you didn't confuse me with Shavings...? ;)

    I'm curious... what lead you to me? Are there any particular interests we share? (apart from the church and the North East!)


  2. Hi Clare

    To be honest I can't quite remember! I think it might have been following the links to the Dawkins story a couple of weeks back. I liked the Facebook in action video as well!