Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

Powerful meditation on Remembrance Day at Diamond Geezer, and thought provoking article on how the church should approach it by Jonathan Bartley, HT for both to the CT blog.

Unfortunately the politicians have been too busy scrambling over one another this morning to trump each others tax cut plans. Just stop for a minute and thank God you're in a free democracy.

Popped in to Yeovil College this morning to lead a short act of Remembrance. I was expecting a couple of dozen students in the refectory, caught by surprise over their coffee. Instead the place was packed, well over 100 there, and several staff, one of whom offered to read 'they shall not grow old'.


  1. I do wish, however, that ekklesia could be more honest about their mennonite background, and that theire fundamental stance is that Anglicanism is and always has been entirely wrong about its relation to the state.

    Unfortunately, in this and most other Bartley and Barrow pieces, they contrive to sound as though they are speaking primarily for, in and about the Church of England.

  2. Um - Simon Barrow is a member of the Church of England. I'm not sure about Jonathan Bartley, but he's certainly not a Mennonite.