Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Advent Resources: last lot!

A cluster of Advent resources from the CofE

The Why We Are Waiting site has now gone live, with an online Advent calendar "made up of reflections, podcasts, waiting tips and a quiz on the social networking site Facebook". Or at least it would be live if the site hadn't crashed. Will try again later.

Do Nothing Christmas is Coming by Stephen Cottrell. Daily reflections, and a snip at £4.99. Obviously if you did nothing you'd not buy the book either, but we'll not go there.

Paula Gooder, who was outstanding at our clergy conference, has an advent reflections book out as well 'The Meaning is in the Waiting'

“having to wait for what you want isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes you realise you don't want it after all and save yourself some time and money. Other times, what you want is even more welcome for having had to wait." (Stephen Cottrell)

Don't tell this to too many people, or the economy will collapse completely.

Other advent links here, and Metacatholic has an Advent wreath song, which goes to the tune of 'Personal Hoodie', or something like that....

Bishop Alan also has some thoughts, and folk have started recommending advent reading in the comments there. He also recommends Maggi Dawn's Beginnings and Endings as a good advent book. If you're anywhere near Brighton, Maggi herself has spotted this brilliant 'beach hut advent calendar' which will be happening on the seafront.

My final advent thought is to spend the next 4 weeks wrapping up everything in your house, everything you own, in gift paper, ready for Christmas Day. Why?

because it's all a gift.

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