Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tom Wright joins Doctor Who writing team

Just watched 'Forest of the Dead', the latest Dr. Who, on Iplayer. Several thousand people are 'saved' from a giant Library by a computer storing them on its hard-drive whilst some flesh-eating shadows are dealt with. When it's safe, they are then restored and given their lives back again.

I'm pretty sure I heard theologian Tom Wright give the same illustration about the resurrection several years ago, that when we our hardware gives out and we die God (this is an illustration, remember), stores all our files in his memory, so that when the day of resurrection comes our 'files' - i.e. us, - are uploaded to a new system which will never get viruses, crash, or shut down.

When the final character is saved, they appear dressed in white in a kind of paradise world. Hmm, wonder what they were trying to suggest there?

and it was a fantastic episode too.

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  1. Matt Wardman11/6/08 4:59 am

    Still chasing Dr Who traffic I see....