Monday, June 23, 2008

The Curse of the Blogging Vicar

If there’s one thing guaranteed to have any sane person running towards the open arms of Satan begging to be jabbed in the tender regions by his pitchfork-wielding minions, it’s the trendy vicar. There is nothing worse than the modern person of the cloth who holds that God still fails to receive sufficient whoops of approval for creating such marvels as the acoustic guitar, real ale and ethnic art. These clerics have a generalised affinity for the ancient sacred mysteries of the Gospels — they’d just prefer it if these mysteries weren’t quite so ancient or mysterious, hence their mania for getting tuned into, as they might say, “the contemporary scene”.

So begins 'God save us from blogging vicars' in yesterdays Sunday times (Ht Dave Walker). Like all good journalism, it's based on only one fact - that the Moderator of the Church of Scotland has started a weekly blog. The spoof blog entries were quite funny though. It's a quaintly 70's picture of the trendy vicar too, most of these folks must be drawing their pension by now.

And if you are sane and have been driven to the Dark Side by this blog, then do let me know, I'd hate to be responsible for that kind of thing.

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