Sunday, June 08, 2008

Just Another Sunday

9.30 onwards: setting up for our Cafe Service, run by Mike this morning. We called it 'early Fathers Day' and the offer of free bacon butties tempted along our largest cafe service congregation yet, 50 adults 30 kids. Spent part of the service with my head covered in shaving foam whilst my son threw cheesy wotsits at me to try to get them to stick. I still don't know why.... Used a clip from Robots, (via Wingclips) to illustrate the story of the Lost Son from Luke 15.

3pm BBQ and prayer walk with YeovilNET (Yeovil New Estates Team) around the proposed site for new housing on the E of Yeovil, whilst we were praying a local Christian jumped out of her car to say hi. Answer to prayer? possibly. V nice burgers.

straight from that at 6pm to Lufton, little village church (capacity 51) on the W of Yeovil, next to another proposed housing development, to lead Evensong and then talk about the plans for their neighbourhood. Good meeting, they seem to see the logic of the church operating from 2 centres, the older village church for people who can relate to that sort of thing, and something in the heart of the new estate that's more accessible to unchurched folks.

One of those great days where everything is about movement and seeing the potential for God to do new things, and seeing it in practice too.

Having a few days off now, to catch up with videos of cricket highlights, and important stuff like that. Come back next week for the next nailbiting instalment.....

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