Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Leadership Effect

Great little passage from Bill Hybels which I stumbled across today. One day, Hybels will stop talking normal English and speak entirely in management-speak and in-house buzz words - it's a trend already noticeable on the Willow Creek CD's - but whilst we can still understand him, he's worth a look:

Change a Leader, Change a Church
If you’re ever going to change a church, a church leader will have to change from having a fuzzy vision (or no vision) to a clear and hot vision. They’ll have to change from a protecting ground mentality to a taking new ground mentality. They’ll have to change from merely presiding over a church to energising, empowering, and unleashing a church. A huge change has to occur in the heart, mind and skills of a leader in order for the rest of the equation to make sense.

A leader who has experienced that kind of change can then effect change in their church by changing it from a vision-free church to a vision-focused church and from a passive, spectator-orientated environment to an engaged, activistic environment.

A church whose top value used to be comfort and convenience will turn into one that thrives on commitment and mission achievement, and a church mired in lethargy will transform into one that pulsates with passion.

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