Thursday, June 26, 2008

All in the Genes

I'm putting together a leaflet for our congregation, trying to explain what's going on in the global Anglican church at the moment. (Next week I'll be trying to nail jelly to the ceiling, it's easier). A proof-reader has pointed out that I've said Gene Hunt

when I probably meant Gene Robinson

...easy mistake to make. Wonder if I should leave it in - it can't make things much more confused than they already are.

It might even clear things up if we could swap real people for characters in TV dramas, e.g. Rose Tyler for Rowan Williams - all that time moving between parallel universes in Doctor Who will make bridging the Anglican divide a breeze. Mind you, if it was Gene Hunt rather than Gene Robinson then there wouldn't be a sexuality issue, it would be more GBH than LGCM.

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