Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wedding Fairs: The church in the market place?

Holy Trinity Yeovil is hosting a wedding fair next Saturday, and we've booked a stall there to represent the local church. It'll be interesting to see what comes of it, and whether it nudges people to think of a church wedding, or to think about wedding preparation. The stall will include:
  • Resident friendly vicar, to answer questions (armed with map, parish boundaries and diocesan handbook so that people can work out their parish church)
  • 'Ready for Marriage?' booklet (only £1 each, to give away)
  • 'Your Marriage in the Church of England' glossy leaflet (£15 for pack of 20 from Church House Publishing) free to give away
  • details of Marriage Preparation course in early 2009, which we may offer to non-church people as well, it'll be interesting to see if many are interested.
  • Laptop with rolling DVD from the Marriage Preparation course (we use the Nicky & Sila Lee one, rather than the latest CofE version) so people can see what's involved.
  • A couple of posters and things like that.

I'd be keener to see people drawn to marriage prep than to a church wedding, but we'll see how it goes. (We're already looking at whether we can offer a single church-run marriage preparation course covering the whole town.) If the experiment is succesful, we'll try to get into the round of local wedding fairs. I'm aware of churches that host wedding fairs, but haven't come across anyone yet who does the rounds of fairs hosted in secular venues.

Don't know if we've time to get hold of some of the stuff on eco weddings, the carbon footprint of the average wedding is 14.5 tonnes, which is higher than the average yearly adult carbon footprint.

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