Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hope of the World

Mark Meynell is blogging from the European Leadership Forum, and relays this quote from a talk given by Lindsay Brown. Inspiring.

In Zimbabwe, during the bloody civil war on racial grounds during the 70s, that troubled country seemed as divided and traumatized as it is now. And race was the heart of the problem. And the University of Harare (or Salisbury as it then was) was as riven as the rest of the country - particularly vividly illustrated by standard operating procedure in the uni canteen. Whites on one side, blacks on the other.

Except, that is, for the Christians. They were an integrated group - and deliberately sat together on tables right in the middle of the dining hall. During the first course, the white Christians got up and fetched the food and then served it to their black brothers and sisters; then for pudding, the blacks the same, serving their white brothers and sisters. And the effect on the rest of the university, without a single word of explanation or proclamation, was scandalously but marvelously electrifying. For it was clear to all that they were ONE body, united and mutually serving.

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