Friday, May 16, 2008

The NSS's agenda is simple: it wants to force the next generation to stop thinking about the spiritual, the transcendental and the mysterious, in favour of a negative utilitarianism. That can be the only reason for picking on this particular bit of the syllabus. I would have embraced Satan in order to give up physics at school; not because it may have flown in the face of a fundamentalist creationism that had seeded in my soul, but because latent heat and absolute density bored me to tears.

the Telegraphs George Pitcher, commenting on a Parliamentary committees recommendation that under-16's should be able to opt out of RE if they disagree with its content. The news story is here, HT Politics Home. Bet teachers are thrilled at the idea too: they'd obviously rather be supervising uppity teenagers than having a well earned coffee.

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