Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Making White Weddings Green

Great story on Ruth Gledhills blog about the Christian couple who had a 'green' wedding at their local church in London.

Featuring a conflict-free diamond (in the news now thanks to the film Blood Diamond), dress bought from an Oxfam bridal store (5 now in the uk), gifts sent to the developing world, a low-emission bridal car etc. Great idea, and good for them for following through their principles. According to the Independent (who didn't mention the couple were Christians, despite a 2 page report on the wedding!), the average wedding emits 14.5 tonnes of CO2 (wonder how much of that is the speeches?) which is 40% more than the average annual carbon footprint of a British adult.

There is (correction, was, Jan 09, someone seems to have taken over the website) a Green Weddings organisation in the UK. Makes me wonder about trying to produce a church leaflet which we can give to wedding couples to help them make their weddings greener. Or even have a wedding planning consultancy linked to local churches with this emphasis? Hmmm...

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