Monday, May 19, 2008

SSDC consultation - update

Great to see that the number of respondents to the South Somerset District Council consultation has now topped 100, after the deadline for responding was extended by 6 weeks to May 30th. That means if you've still not responded, you have about 10 days. Respondents include Morrisons supermarkets, Persimmon Homes, English Heritage and the Highways Agency, along with dozens of 'normal people'.

Several respondents have used the opportunity to give SSDC a bit of stick for the wording of the questionnaire. Winner of the 'no surprise there' prize is Somerset County Council, who were last seen calling for SSDC to be abolished. Given that they responded 15 days late for the original deadline (30th April), you'd think they'd be a bit more polite.

There must be around 30 people who've just responded on 1 line: asking for a place of worship in sizeable new developments under the 'health and well-being' question. Nobody can say we didn't speak up! Interestingly, the Jehovas Witnesses have done the same.

One of the best responses is that of Roger Daniels, who sounds like just another ordinary guy until you realise he's the agent for Bellway Homes! (Interesting that one or two companies have answered through agents, rather than putting their own name to the responses. Is that just accepted practice or are they deliberately hiding? If so why?) Lots of sensible feedback, about the only thing I disagree with is the response to the 'health and wellbeing' question on community facilities. But if you've still not filled in your form, a great example of how to answer briefly, to the point, whilst making your case.

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