Wednesday, October 03, 2007

National Estate Churches Network

Just had a flier emailed about a conference on ministry in housing estates, organised the National Estate Churches Network. Not come across them before, but they seem to specialise in supporting work on council estates, urban ministry, and urban renewal. The conferences are coming up in the next few weeks in London, Bristol and somewhere else I can't remember.

Here's an extract from the blurb
This year the National Estate Churches Network is holding a conference with a difference. The event is being offered in three locations to make access easier for everyone. The unifying element will be the main speaker Rebecca Tunstall, London School of Economics, author of “25 years on 20 Estates: Turning the Tide?” Each event will illustrate Rebecca’s insights with local experience and stories. Our second speaker in Bristol is Sarah Turner from Birmingham who will speak from her experience of the churches’ role in acting as agents of renewal.

More details on the website, if this is your thing.

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