Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crook finds sanctuary in Abbey (Manor)

Got an emergency phone call yesterday evening to switch on Rogue Traders, which featured Abbey Manor Cars and their practice of selling and hiring out death traps to unsuspecting customers. Not surprisingly, I was interested, as this guy is about 1/2 a mile from where we live. I also wondered what my friends in Darlington made of it, as all we see of Abbey Manor in the programme is grey 6 foot railings, portacabins and a muddy parking lot full of rusty cars. Eee its grim down South. Alternatively, Abbey Manor has its own website, which shows that it's not just criminals down here. Anyway, if you're sitting in Darlington reading this and gloating, I have just 2 words to say: George Reynolds.
PS it's worth pointing out that Abbey Manor Cars are not the same as John Cornick Motors, who are on the Abbey Manor website and do car sales, and are pretty good from what I've heard.
Update June 2008: Abbey Manor Cars is now under new ownership, and has a brand new range of stock - mainly because there was a whopping great fire there a couple of weeks ago which destroyed large chunks of the site. So hopefully things are better now. And Cornicks did our car MOT earlier this year and were very good, helpful and pleasant.


  1. eileen shep27/10/07 9:20 pm

    Okay, or hey ho!!!
    George Reynolds does not come from Darlo and his golden empire was in Shildon city, take this attitude again and you will get no more amazing facts.

  2. more information here from 2012: