Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bear with me

It's been a pretty mad week, I've taken on far too much and am suffering for it, thankfully by this time tomorrow it will be over and things will be much quieter next week. Lots of stuff to blog about too - great church planting conference on Thurs, stuff about the Anglican church, various links etc.

Just for today, here's one I've been feasting on for visuals for tomorrows talk on creation. It's the Hubble Space Telescope site - the link is pix from 2006, but there's lots from every year, and some blurb to go with them. The cosmos is such an amazing place, and to think that God made it all then chose to focus his attention and love upon us is just mindblowing. It must be great for God too - here are views that only He has been able to see, for billions of years, and now he can share them with us. I love sharing the stuff I enjoy with my own children and seeing them enjoy it too (got them cheering the rugby today - England were fantastic). How much more fun must it be for God......?

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