Wednesday, October 10, 2007

National Church Planting Conf - Talks Now Online

The talks and slides from the Church Planting Conference are now online: is the link you'll need. I missed the final talk, by Bishop Stephen Cotterell because we had to get a train, but just listened to it online now, and he opens with this great quote:

“Europe was not evangelised by the parish system, the parish system was a consequence of Europe having been evangelised. What the church is slowly waking up to… is that it won’t be the parish system that re-evangelises Europe, it will be something much more like what evangelised Europe first time round… monks and nuns, religious communities.”

All the talks are in the region of 15-20minutes, so they're pretty easy to listen to in 1 sitting. If you only pick one, have a listen to George Lings on the 'Jerusalem trap', really thought-provoking.

If you look carefully you'll also see yours truly in one of the pictures, thankfully they got my good side....

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