Thursday, May 10, 2007

You heard it here first

This blog doesn't usually get into the murky world of political personalities - not because I agree with the ranting secularists (and even some Christians) who say that Christian faith and politics don't mix, but because so much of it is gossip and second hand news from political pundits. It's so annoying to get a political story on the news and then spend 10 minutes listening to the 'political correspondent' or someone else tell you what's going on, or what the Chancellor said in his budget, or what the PM said at x or y speech, rather than hearing the politicians say it in their own words.

But today is the day that Tony Blair is confidently predicted to be stepping down, and one 'heavyweight' has not yet ruled himself out of the leadership contest. Clarke, Reid, Straw, Milliband and so on have all stepped back, and Michael Meacher seems to be the only candidate to take on Gordon Brown. But wait, what about Charles Clarkes' partner in crime in launching the '2020 vision' website a couple of months ago to debate the future of the Labour party, TB's neighbour in the North East, frequently tipped as a future leader of the Labour party, conveniently out of the front line of politics for almost the whole of the Iraq war, and who hasn't yet ruled himself out of standing for the leadership?

Step forward, Alan Milburn MP.

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