Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My apologies

Repenting on behalf of nations etc. has a good precedent in the Bible, so having extolled the virtues of cricket on this blog I have to apologise to anyone who, foolishly, might have thought 'Cricket World Cup? well thats bound to be good, I'll watch some.'

It's been one-sided, poorly organised, fun-crushing (instruments banned from grounds), strung out, pointless and ended in virtual darkness a couple of days ago because the umpires couldn't agree on whether a rain-affected game could be completed the following day. Australia demolished everyone in sight, and would have won blindfolded, but the end of the competition in a sense was quite fitting - it was a farce. So as a cricketer, and a fan of cricket, I apologise on behalf of my favourite sport.

Thinking of former prime ministers, as we nearly are, I wonder if ex-PM and cricket fan John Major should be asked to organise the next one.

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