Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nottingham Forest 2 Yeovil 5

Fantastic. After losing the first leg 0-2, this is an incredible result for Yeovil. I put on ceefax at the end of Have I Got News for You, saw it had gone into extra time at 1-3 to Yeovil, arrived at the Arrow to see it was 2-4, then Arron Davies slotted in the winner and the place erupted.

Someone said we've been allocated 20,000 tickets for the play-off final at Wembley, which is half the population of the town. Interestingly, this is more than Man U or Chelsea have been given for todays game, because so many tickets for the FA cup final have gone to corporate sponsors. No point complaining folks - the only reason you can sign and pay for people like Ronaldo and Shevchenko is the big money, and you don't want to bit the hand that feeds do you?

Even if Yeovil don't get through, this is a massive achievement for a small club, and for the manager Russell Slade. The club still has a real local feel to it too - I've only lived in Yeovil a few years, but played cricket with one of last nights team and another player had their baby baptised at our church last year. If we get through it will be really weird going to home games against the 2 Sheffield teams, both now in the championship, having been to see both as a kid with crowds of 30,000 or so.

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