Monday, May 14, 2007

more depression!

Big headline today in some papers and on the radio about the number of prescriptions last year for anti-depressants (over 30 million).

One small snapshot of why society is toxic to mental health - our local Tesco Express: (stop me if you've heard this rant before) - over half the till space is now given over to automated self-service tills which hector you in a computerised voice to do this and do that. For some people, their trip for the milk is the only conversation they have all day, and on the other side of the counter it's a job for a human being. But for Tesco profit is more important than people, and a few more lose their jobs, and a few more feel a little bit lonelier and sadder for the loss of human contact, and another bit of social thread unravels.

I feel an internet campaign to stop automated tills at Tesco coming on, if I knew where to launch it......

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