Monday, May 21, 2007

church notice boards

A friend sent me these: enjoy

Excellent. Sorry, can't resist one serious point: all these can be read by a passing motorist easily, in the time it takes them to drive past the church. That's how most people pass our churches, even in many rural settings. Many of our noticeboards still use a size of font and level of detail more suited to passing pedestrians who can stop and look closely. Unless your church happens to be next to a supermarket checkout, or right in a busy shopping area, more people will drive past than walk past, and even the walkers won't want to look conspicuous by stopping to read.

Back to the amusing stuff: the BBC reports a school which kept a 'confidential' report on its students, with comments like 'away with the fairies' and 'a bit of a wally', which was found lying in the street and has scandalised parents, one of whom was described in the report as 'quite rough'. Considering what teachers often have to put up with from parents and students alike, I'm just amazed at how restrained the language is.
Update: Tuesday 22nd: if you sympathise with the teachers in the BBC report, you'll probably enjoy this site.

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