Sunday, February 01, 2015

Questions at the Pearly Gates

Stephen Fry has been in the news for a full and frank giving of views about what he'd say if he came face to face with God. As Krish Kandiah points out, he's not the first person to have asked these questions, and he won't be the last. (another good response by Madeleine Davies here)

Fry has probably got a much more robust conscience than I have. I'd be far more worried about what questions God would want to ask me.

A related but vaguely relevant aside: I heard the remark recently that the gates of heaven are made of pearl because they are a jewel which is formed through a process of suffering. Judging by Revelation (which we're working through at our church at the moment), most of those within the pearly gates will be those who have known suffering, and known God within it.

update: Pete Greig has also written a response, as has Red. Even Russell Brand has got involved, with a real curates egg of a piece, which combines serious argument with a fair dollop of postmodern spirituality. Having seen Brands piece, I find I'm more upset by Fry comments about Jesus than those about God. I guess it's because I don't recognise the God he describes, but to say that Jesus teachings are 'twee' and 'an insult to the human spirit'... I'm not really sure I want to say in print what I think about that.

and here's another response from Brother Ivo

and one at Christian Today from Ella Lloyd (which is a pseudonym): We all have reasons to be angry with God. Even those friends who I think are skipping around haven't got perfect lives. God has not granted anyone an easy ride. Anger is a healthy emotion and I am sure God is used to hearing it.

and Thou Shalt Not Question Stephen Fry at Fulcrum

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