Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New Alpha Advert

interesting approach. What do people think?

Update: other takes from Peter Ould, Nick Baines, whilst both The Maranatha, and My Life as a Wrestler wonder if having a celebrity say 'I did Alpha' will have any effect at all. Meanwhile, interesting post from Crispian Jago 'how Alpha turned me into an atheist'. Link from Phil Ritchie to a Guardian series by a journalist who's doing the course at the moment.


  1. Yep,he was certainly obeying Jesus commandments to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and love his neighbour.

    That advert really illustrates the heart of Alpha Christianity, as it showed him not having any relationship with any other human being and thinking only of himself.

  2. I am lost for words, somewhere between horror and amazement.....

    not sure if this is good or too cheesey to be bad...

  3. Sally - likewise, I wasn't quite sure what the advert was getting at.

    Steven - I take it you've done the Alpha Course? Are you saying that it makes people more selfish?

  4. Mouse is a fan of Alpha, and without wanting to get into a wider debate, he was a little surprised at the advert.

    Its great to have celebs involved, and to know that one has done an Alpha course does put a dent in the idea that only a wierdo would go on a course about Christianity.

    However, some of the criticism is also warranted. The message of the advert is not at all clear. Then again how often is that true of adverts in general?

  5. It's more about branding and association then reporting what the content of Alpha is. In that sense the advert succeeds.

  6. My own take on the advert is that it is simply using a well known celebrity to draw attention to the product as in many other adverts. Not sure how effective that is as with alot of these type of adverts I can rarely remember what the product was.

    Bemused by Steven's comment as the Alpha course is relational; based around meals together and group discussion (he may of course have attended an Alpha course where he didn't meet or talk with anyone else).

    On the Alpha courses I've been involved in running, most of those attending have come because of some sort of relationship with Christians. I've usually found Alpha is not so helpful for those coming in off the street where there is no pre-existing contact / relationship.

    Anyway, you won't find me knocking Alpha, I've seen too many people's lives changed through attending the course and coming to faith.

  7. 'Bemused by Steven's comment as the Alpha course is relational...'

    Remind me which week relationships with other human beings are discussed. It has temporarily slipped my mind which week it is.

    It will come back to me....

  8. Agree with Philip, as the whole process of alpha is relational. Having a brief flick through and there are several weeks which touch on relationships. There's even more in the 'recommended' follow up course, Challenging Lifestyle.

  9. Week I Who is Jesus?
    Week 2 Why did Jesus die?
    Week 3 How can I be sure of my faith'?
    Week 4 Why and how should I read the Bible?
    Week 5 Why and how should I pray?
    Week 6 How does God guide us?
    Week 7 How can I resist evil?
    Week 8 Why and how should I tell others?
    Week 9 Does God heal Today?
    Week 10 What about the Church?

  10. Well, Alpha is also a brand, and they've taken a certain direction in their marketing. Jesus-in-a-helicopter don't float my boat, but if it helps others to think they could give such an experience a go, it's not (quite) the barmiest bit of marketing Ive seen...

  11. Week 11 How Can I Resist Evil?
    Week 12 How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?

    Sessions 10 and 12 in this list spend quite a bit of time on relationships and how we treat others. But you'll know that if you've done the course.

  12. Bear Grylls has been involved in promo for Alpha for a long time. He has done talks and was the man in the 2006 mountain top poster that said "Is there more to life than this?" http://www.beargrylls.com/media/alpha_course_billboard.pdf

    Laura (who is only anon because I do not have any of the accounts mentioned in the list)