Monday, January 26, 2015

New Mental Health Resource for Churches

Going live today is the new Mental Health Access Pack, a resource website for churches on mental health and illness, which looks very good and I hope gets widely used. 

Main sections are:
 - common conditions
 - caring for people
 - practical tips
 - what the Bible says

with a range of pages under each one - e.g. mental health and learning difficulties, types of counselling, pastoral policy. There are sections that are worth printing out in full and discussing with church leadership, small groups etc. to a) develop best practice and b) get the church talking about mental health, so that people know it's ok to do so

"Churches have a responsibility to welcome everyone who comes to them in Christ’s name, but the reality is that they don’t always know how best to support people who are struggling with mental health issues. The Mental Health Access Pack will help equip churches to make God’s love more visible in the welcome they offer to every person." (Justin Welby)

As well as addressing our day to day practices, I hope the church makes a concerted effort to get mental health onto the election agenda, as the Libdems are trying to do

PS bear with me, I've tried to add a new 'Mental Health Links' to the sidebar and things have all gone a bit pear-shaped. 

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  1. Prevention is better than cure but this is a good idea. Looking after a mentally ill person can also make the carer ill,so any information and help is welcome. Mental health has always been the Cinderella of the NHS, so, as you say, a national investment is long overdue.