Thursday, January 29, 2015

'It is not for all of us to set everyone right on everything': ABofC on tweeting and love

Very helpful and challenging piece by Justin Welby on conflict resolution and social media:

The subtleties we lose when we communicate electronically have to do with expression, with touch, with the face-to-face aspect of relationship. Social media does not show tears in the eye, a hand on the arm when saying something painful, body language that speaks of inner turmoil, deep distress – even gentle respect.  It is simply there – usually forever. 
...It is not for all of us to set everyone right on everything.  There’s a point at which we need to leave it to those who know people to speak to them personally and quietly – in spaces where the tone is subtle and full of love. That is how people can be put back together rather than torn apart and left lying around in electronic media space.
Love often says don’t tweet. Love often says don’t write. Love often says if you must rebuke, then do so in person and with touch


  1. There's nothing more lovely than a real hug!

  2. I hope to God no one tries this with LGBT people. If there's one thing worse than being attacked intellectually en masse on the internet, it's having someone put their hand round my shoulder as they guide me gently to the leper's entrance or mention the clobber texts once again in love. This way lies despair.