Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Anthropocene or Neanderthal? Murdoch signals the end of an era

A few days ago, some geologists announced that we were living in a new global epoch, the Anthropocene Age. It turns out that the first nuclear tests marked the beginning of this new phase of global history, up there with the Triassic, the Cretaceous and the Audacious.

It turns out they had got slightly ahead of themselves. We are actually in the final few days of the Neanderthal Period, with the news that the Sun is about to stop publishing pictures of breasts on page 3.

However, there are signs that we may be simply entering the Dacre Age: most of the papers reporting on the Sun story are themselves putting up lots of pictures of women in bikinis, because their readers clearly need to be reminded what a woman in a bikini looks like.


This has been standard Daily Mail practice for years - x is so outrageous we have to show you a picture of it, just so you know how outrageous it is (wink wink).

Congratulations to the No More Page 3 campaign, even the Mighty Murdoch can be forced to change by people power. Now for Stop the Sidebar?

update: having said all that, the Neanderthals may not have quite given up yet...

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  1. Reckon the geologists you started out with are probably right - they just missed a couple of letters: we're in the Anthropobscene Era; and the Sun hasn't given up — they're just covering up. Why publish pics of naked or semi-naked women at all? It's all about feeding male lusts then protesting when men go on sexual rampages: utter hypocrisy.