Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I Had a Black Dog - animation, for World Mental Health Day

To coincide with World Mental Health Day, the World Health Organization have produced an animated video about depression. The short video by Matthew Johnstone, who has written, illustrated and narrated it, features a black dog which serves as a metaphor for the mental disorder. Depression varies in severity, with episodes being classed as mild, moderate or severe.
According to the WHO, depression affects more than 350 million people of all ages and from different backgrounds. Even though there are effective treatments for depression, less than half of those affected across the world receive these treatments.
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The cartoon is based on the book 'I had a black dog' which is a beautiful, sad, fabulously clear and powerful explanation of what it's like to have depression.


  1. Thanks for flagging this up. Matthew's "Living with a Black Dog" has a place on my bookshelves, it's essential reading for any of us who are trying to support loved ones who are suffering from depression.