Saturday, October 06, 2012

An Impossible Job?

I read these words about a church job that's currently vacant:

There have been two recent reviews of the post, (one states)...“The demands upon and the expectations of the role are at the very limit of what is realistic. The job is approaching the point at which it will become impossible.” Despite these reviews, too little has changed. The abilities of the last incumbent have disguised, to a degree, some of these impossibilities. The cost is incalculable, being paid in decisions made too hastily, consultations unsought, mission opportunities declined, and, of course, personal wear and tear. It is not enough to invoke the aid of the Holy Spirit in the choice of a successor, nor even to sustain whoever is chosen. The Spirit of grace and freedom has something to say, too, about the demands made upon individuals. Several recommendations from those earlier reports remain on the table. This might be time to look at them afresh, so that he who is eventually appointed may approach the office with not so heavy a heart.

It's a Church Times leading article on the post of the Archbishop of Canterbury (of course). But editing it to take out specific references to that post (as I've just done), makes me wonder how many other posts in the CofE it actually applies to. We're not far off this situation for the average vicar.

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