Monday, October 01, 2012

Crown Nominations and the Goblet of Fire

It looks like the Crown Nominations Commission need a bit more time to think and pray about who's to be the new AB of C, which is fair enough. Better to take your time and get it right, though CofE notions of 'take your time' tend to go on longer than most.

But it may be that a more radical decision-making process is required. There are several other ways to go about this, or perhaps JK Rowling can help. For example:

The shortlist of candidates are pitted against each other in a series of near-impossible tasks: getting a positive story about the CofE into the national press, coming up with an agreed text for women bishops, devising an all-age service which pleases everyone. On the way they have to vanquish a  ancient foes like the Victorian Society, succesfully negotiate with an organist, and chair a church council meeting which ends on time.

The two leading candidates seize the winners cup/chalice together, and are immediately transported into a different world. Victory leads to one being finished off entirely, and the other being misunderstood for long periods, while he wrestles to master an entity whose soul is split into several pieces, most of them tied up with ancient artefacts. But, with a combination of wise mentors, loyal friends, and personal courage, he does it.

Anyway back to prayer. Or, if that's too difficult, baseless speculation on Twitter along with everyone else.


  1. The other half's just suggested putting all the candidates together in a Big Brother house scenario.

  2. Great minds think alike - check out the link in the second paragraph!