Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scouts still keeping their promise to God

The National Secular Society has turned its attention away from setting legal precedents with small district councils, and is now trying to undermine the foundations of the world Scouting movement. Unhappy with a promise that invokes God, and unwilling (it seems) to set up an atheist alternative...

the NSS has now written to Mr Grylls, urging him to support the introduction of a secular version of the scout promise. They say that, unless this happens, atheist children will be excluded or will have to lie in order to join the organisation.

The NSS were unable to provide an exact figure for the number of complaints they have received.

The Scout Association told the BBC that the scout promise is an integral part of the worldwide scouting movement.As a membership organisation, they say they are entitled to set certain criteria for joining.

Spokesman Simon Carter said the association was aware of the views of the NSS but did not intend to change the wording of the promise: "We will continue to offer adventure and development opportunities to our membership of over 500,000 adults and young people which is steadily growing”

full story here. I'm not surprised the NSS can't provide any stats, their membership has been a thing of mystery for as many years as anyone can remember, despite repeated calls for them to publish the figures.

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  1. David, I think you're confusing Atheism with Secularism?

    A secular scout movement would simply have no need to insist that young children swear loyalty to the religious views of their parents, it would focus on it's primary purpose, i.e. getting badges and having fun! An Atheistic scout movement on the other hand would probably insist on an oath to the flying spaghetti monster.. ;)