Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ebuzzing/Wikio top blogs for March

We have a new no.1, congrats to Krish Kandiah from the Evangelical Alliance. Here's the top 15, plus a few interesting ones from lower down the list:

1. Krish Kandiah
2. The Freethinker
3. Thinking Anglicans, which has kept a running commentary on CofE votes on the Anglican Covenant. Non CofE folks, don't worry, looks like you didn't miss anything by not knowing about it.
4. Islam in Europe
5. Peter Saunders at the interface between Christianity and medicine. Worth a look, if you haven't already.
6. Echurch blog
7. Comprehensive Unity: the No Anglican Covenant Blog (not sure how comprehensive unity in the CofE can involve being against something being proposed by people within the CofE, but there you go. The winners write the history)
8. IBenedictines
9. The BIGBible Project
10. Nick Baines outside contender for AB of C and Radio Times contributor.
11. The Ugley Vicar
12. The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley
13. A non-blog which cuts and pastes from other sites in full without seeking permission and doesn't allow comments. If this is mainstream Anglicanism then call me a Baptist.
14. Vicky Beeching of the remarkable hair and great voice, probably leading worship at Spring Harvest as I write this.
15. The hermeneutic of continuity an even more obscure title than I used to have for this one.

also worth a peep
19 Peter Ould one of the architects of the Twurch of England, an even more avid statistician than I am, and always a good read.
21 Dreaming Beneath the Spires always good to find another fan of Jesus of Montreal
26 LLM Calling. Prolific is not the word - nearly 600 posts so far this year. And I'm always happy to promote people who want to put mental health on the agenda
37 Lay Anglicana a really nice blog to look at. And read.
43 Dean Roberts never looked at this one before, but a good blog, well presented, lots of book reviews.
47 God and Politics this will be top 5 by the end of the year if Gillan keeps going at this level. Great blog, in a niche recently left too much to Cranmer by Christian bloggers
60 Cookies Days one of my favourites at the moment, really thought provoking, lots of great links, and a massive passion for mission.

that'll do for now. And I'm pleased they've finally caught up with my change of name.

oops, suppose I'd better include the link to the site itself!!


  1. Whereas I notice they've stopped logging backlinks and tweets to the Beaker Folk!

    Maybe they noticed I removed their logo in 2010?

  2. Thanks for the kind mention, David. And I second your support for Gillan's 'God and Politics', which I now subscribe to.

  3. Thanks, David. Very sweet of you to link beyond the hallowed 20.

    Have you seen "Of Gods and Men" my other Holy Week choice? I loved it.

    Re. Archdruid's comment: How can one check which backlinks or tweets have been logged? Can't seem to work this out.

  4. Thanks for the mention!

    Blog has been quiet recently, but there have been lots of book reviews!

    However, getting back into posting now after some time off!!

  5. Wow. Thanks for the link and the very kind comment! Will do my best to keep things going. Amazed by all the support and interest I've received so far. Thanks too for being a role model on how to produce a readable blog that keeps me coming back for more.