Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Sweep

Some inspired speech-bubble theology at Madpriest

God and Politics on the shrinking Big Society, and why the church bucks the trend.

Connected to this, there are an increasing number of local studies on the contribution of faith groups to their communities. 'Faithnet Southwest' co-ordinates our local ones, and findings on North Somerset and Bristol are available, one of the rest of Somerset has just been published. More on that next week, if I get the chance to read it in detail.

The Beaker Folk visit Mornington Crescent

In this Depression Awareness Week, numpty corner is hosted by eChurch blog, via Channel 4.

I normally can't be bothered keeping up with all the politicking about the future of the Anglican church, but have suggested in that cauldron of in-depth theology, Twitter, that the ABofC's job should be split in 2, one to run the global Communion (if that's possible) and one to lead the CofE in mission. It looks like GAFCON like the idea. If you don't know who GAFCON are, don't worry. Or read this, and worry a great deal.

And Richard Franks blog in general, if you've not already had a nose around it.

word of the week: if a congregation can’t afford to repair or improve its cathedral (or church?), then it should leave it and build a new one, perhaps from cardboard, which would probably meet its needs more economically. Or if the cathedral is really of sufficient historic interest, its administrators should be able to raise the funds for its upkeep from other sources, such as charging tourists for admission. If, however, the historic interest is largely in the mind of the Victorian Society, then they should be responsible for the cost of preserving the all too abundant heritage of their favoured period. (Peter Kirk)

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  1. Thanks for the link. Yes, that was certainly intended to apply to all historic or allegedly historic church buildings.