Friday, May 08, 2009

I am a social networking failure

Just got back from a very good New wine leaders conference, to discover that several fellow bloggers and twitterers were there, and I'd missed most of them. I only managed 20 minutes online during the conference, as there were far too many other interesting things going on, and discovered just now on checking messages who I'd missed. Anyway, it was good to realise that Peter Ould and Dave Meldrum are both real people.

After Patrick Dixons encouragement, about half the conference should be on twitter next year, so there will then be too many to have a twits reunion. We'll just all spend the sessions sending messages to each other saying 'did you catch what that American guy just said?' or 'I make it 7 times we've sung that song now'

Peter Ould clearly has no emails to answer on his return, as he's been trawling Twitter for CofE tweeters, with our follower totals. Bizarrely, about 15 people started following me whilst I was away, still haven't worked out why.

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