Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Comedians on God 3: Eddie Izzard

Izzard does loads of stuff about Christianity, God, and Bible stories in his live shows. Like Gervais, he cites the Genesis account as one of the reasons for him rejecting faith as illogical. However, this is the only clip I can find without lots of swearing....

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  1. i saw Eddie's "Stripped" tour in London back in December 08 and while it was very funny (as always) I didn't think it lived up to the billing of stripping back religion. He worked his way through the Sunday School Old Testament, and it felt like he shyed away from anything really contraversial - yes some people might have had problems with him, he was cynical and disrespectful I suppose, but I thought he lacked bite, I was really expecting more Dawkins with wit. But it was one night, in a show that is going to vary, so maybe you cant read too much into it