Monday, May 18, 2009

Comedians on God 1: Penn and the Prayer Test

Since our politicians are all down at the hairshirt convenience story, comedians are now the only people left who we'll allow to speak uninterrupted for more than 2 minutes without switching channels. Quite a few of them have thought about faith, with varying results - I remember being struck by Peter Kay's account of his Catholic upbringing in 'The Sound of Laughter'.

Here is Penn, of Penn & Teller, on prayer. At the start he refers to another of his videos on evangelism, where he commends a Christian for trying to share his faith, which you can see here.

Ht Derren Browns blog

If you prefer reading to watching, Ruth Gledhill's latest is worth a read on faith, secularism, and whether God is on the way out, the way in, or whether God is where he's always been and it's us who don't know if we're coming or going.

This weeks Start the Week, on Radio 4, also explores whether 'God is back', on the back of a new book by John Micklethwait, the editor of the Economist, by the same title. He makes an interesting argument that the US Constitution, by separating church from state, created a 'free market' in religion which forced the various Christian streams to 'compete' for souls, which gives more vigour to US religion compared to established churches in other places. Spiritual capitalism... Worth a listen.

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