Sunday, March 16, 2008

More BBC Passion Links

Good summary of resource links over at Evangelism UK, who have a good poster, and a reminder to get involved in the message boards debating the events and meaning of easter. Roughly the same list of links is also at Dave Walkers new blog.

Full showtimes are now on the BBC site. Episode 4, the final one, will be shown at 7.30pm on Easter Sunday. The other 3 will be repeated in an omnibus from 2.15pm on the Sunday. When I know the number of the omnibus, and where it's going, I'll let you know.

Finally Mark Goodacre, who acted as theological consultant on the series, also has a blog where he reflects on his involvement, and the way the series is being recieved by the media. If you're looking for a blog where the person writing actually knows what they're talking about (as opposed to mine!) then it's worth keeping up with Mark's during the next 8 days.

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