Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cricket, Saviour of the World? the title of the latest Touching Base, my other bit of blogging, over at the Wardman Wire. Before you start misquoting me, read the thing in full....

a snippet:
(cricketers) Tait, Harmison and Trescothick have all asked themselves an important question. A few years ago, months after the birth of our first child, I stood in a field somewhere near Darlington and thought ‘what am I doing here, playing cricket, when my family needs me at home?’ Maybe its a contagious disease of the North East, or maybe it’s about priorities. There comes a point when you find yourself standing in the corner of a field (or sitting at a desk, or about to board a plane on another trip), and the question ‘what am I doing this for?’ arrives, bags in hand, ready for a long stay in your psyche.


  1. I don't think you will give up 'cricket' if it was earning your keep.

  2. no, but you might find different ways of earning your keep through it (as Trescothick is doing), or start thinking about other possibilities. You can only be a world class cricketer by making sacrifices, and I think "am I sacrificing the right things" is a good question to ask yourself.