Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fame at Last

My piece about Jeremy Clarksons bank account and our attitude to risk was picked up in this weeks Britblog roundup (see Jan 21), and even got a mention on the 5 live pods and blogs website review. They even said that I looked young, lovely people. What's surprising about all this is that I don't think I said anything very original or profound. "This could be an interesting development, I don't know how many blogging vicars there are." Quite a few mate! Perhaps that's a future posting, or you could just visit the Anglican Bloggers group on Facebook and see if you can guess which ones are the vicars.

So that's my 15 meg of fame over and done with, now what's next? Oh yes, curry and Fair Trade wine from the Co-op (free plug, none of the other supermarkets has a decent range). That's reality.

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