Monday, September 17, 2007

post office closures - latest

You can now find out when your local post office network is going to be reorganised: go to and find where you live - the date tells you when 6 weeks of public consultation on the closure programme will start. The royal mail website - on which it's quite tricky to track down any information about the closure programme, states here that there will be 12 weeks of consultation with 'stakeholders' prior to the published date.

For Yeovil, the date is February 08, which could mean stakeholder conversations happening from November. Various national churches are talking to the post office about hosting post office services in church premises, especially in remote rural areas - 500 'hosted' post offices are planned as part of the reorganisation, alongside the closure of 2500 other branches.

The government paper responding to public consultation about the closures is here. No change was made to the planned 2500 closures.

A search for 'post office' on the Arthur Rank Centre website throws up a couple of articles about this issue. However the most recent, from their publication Country Way, isn't available online as yet.

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