Thursday, September 06, 2007

Conventional wisdom

The conventional wisdom, or maybe I just read it somewhere, is that if you're a church there's very little point shoving leaflets through people's letter boxes. If you really have to, make sure they're well produced, quality things, rather than just photocopied black and white thingy's about bell ringers and the flower group.

Well, being the cutting edge people we are, we're printing off a bout 3,000 black and white photocopied cards to shove through people's letter boxes. Worse, the shade of blue I ordered from the stationers turns out to be slightly darker than I'd pictured. I know that yellow is the best background colour for readability (and dyslexia apparently), but fancied a change from the colour of our Easter card. When I popped down to Yeovil Community Church to copy them last week I forgot to take both boxes of card, so we only had the first 1500 ready to go on Sunday.

So what do you know, I get a phone call from a couple in the church to say they're a few cards short for the (newly built) street they were covering. Later the same afternoon I get a call from someone on that street wanting to know more about the church, delighted to find we've got a Sunday school (though we call it something different), and saying she'll be along in the next week or two.

The only excuse the conventional wisdom might have is that, with lots of newer housing around, there's a chance that some people in those houses might want to find out about the local church as part of their process of settling in. Or maybe somebody prayed.

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