Monday, September 17, 2007

CartoonChurch has competition

It was possibly Jonny Bakers blog which first alerted me to ASBO Jesus , an evolving cartoon website, of which this is the latest offering. Glad to say it doesn't reflect the reality in Yeovil.
Had a joint Alpha launch last night at the Elim church, along with a couple of other churches, and Kelle Bryan, who used to sing with girl band Eternal. My problem is that whilst I could name the line-ups of plenty of the major bands of the 80s, and sing the songs even of the ones I hated, Eternal were around at that time in my life when I wasn't really listening. Folk in their 20's probably know all the tunes, but that's the age group we have fewest of in the church. I didn't get the sense that many of the Christians there last night had invited their non-Christian buddies. Shame - great testimony, great singing, great food, and nice suits from the Elim boys, who would win a 'best dressed pastor' competition hands down. (but would they keep their hands down?)

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  1. thanks for the link david.
    live not too far from you in bath.
    i'm glad the cartoon does not reflect yeovil! :-)
    cheers, j.