Tuesday, January 02, 2007

biscuit tin

Happy New Year to everyone in cyberspace, hope you've all had a good Christmas and a chance to think about how great Jesus is.

Started work this evening on 'Biscuit Tin', an idea I've got for an occasional leaflet on mission for the local deanery (could possibly extend outside the CofE?) with book digests (to save everyone else having to read them), summaries of current mission thinking, case studies of churches who are stepping out in mission, news and information.

It's still very much in the embryo stage, and the first issue will be an experiment. I also need to measure the time put into it against the usefulness it has. If it's just another piece of paper, then it's not worth bothering. I do have a tendency to produce more words/bits of paper than any sane person can digest, and perhaps this blog is testimony to that!

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