Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Human nature laid bare on the beach

Anyone who thought that Big Brother showed Britain at its worst should have been on the Devon cliffs over the last few days. Despite being one of the worlds most prosperous countries, nothing seems to have satisfied our greed. Containers have been looted with abandon, including those containing personal possessions which were being shipped to a new home. The environmental damage done to the sea and coastline by human scavengers is awful. I'd didn't quite get round to visiting West Bay last week to marvel at the stormy sea - wish I had done, as now I'd have to wade through discarded bits of motorbike, nappies and other assorted trash. Channel 4, send your cameras to Sidmouth, and lets see if anyone there has the guts to go on TV and apologise.

Interestingly, it looks like Ebay aren't selling items looted from the beach, though you can get shells and shingle (from an address in Wakefield!). There's a good item for sale here, which made me smile.

BBC report here.

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