Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Holy Trinity Yeovil

Good evening last night. My job is to be a 'facilitator' for the local churches in mission, something which I've never trained to be, and I'm still working out what it involves. 5 gold stars to Holy Trinity Yeovil for being my guinea pigs - we had an excellent evening on 'what is the purpose of the church', and they went away with sheaves of paper to process and work through. Good idea from Tim the vicar of having evaluation sheets - normally I hate filling them in, but as it was the first time I'd done anything like it, it was really useful to get some feedback. Even better that it was mostly positive. Came back buzzing, which at 10.30pm isn't great for getting to sleep!

And great biscuits too.

Update: if you're looking at this because you've applied for the post at Holy Trinity in 2012, or are thinking about it, then I'm happy to give you a more up to date picture - tweet me on @davidmkeen or leave a comment/questions, and if you want to do that anoymously that's understandable! It's a post with a lot of potential, church has a great site and great community contacts, lots of potential for mission and growth with the right sort of leadership.


  1. Dear Dave
    I am thinking of coming to Holy Trinity Yeovil next week- please tell me more about its potential for mission and growth!

  2. see what you think of it first! New vicar arriving early next month, so it's exciting times.