Saturday, May 23, 2015

Conversation Killers?

Gravetalk looks interesting....

It’s not easy to think about your own funeral. Talking about death, dying and funerals raises big questions that we need to face at some point, but it’s hard to talk to family and friends.
The Church of England has been helping people think about these questions for centuries. GraveTalk is a café space, organised by a local church, where people can talk about these big questions. The conversation is helped along by GraveTalk conversation cards – 52 questions covering 5 key areas.
I've used the Table Talk questions in a few settings - e.g. baptism preparation - and found them very helpful, so this could be a good variation on that theme, and a good way to approach what's often a taboo topic. 
I'm pleased to see the way the CofE is thinking more deeply around baptisms, weddings and funerals: the Weddings Project has been very helpful, with the new yourchurchwedding website, and there's been some work on baptisms/christenings and the best way to approach and prepare for those.

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  1. I don't give two hoots about my funeral: after all, I'm the one person who has no choice but to attend and and no voice to voice an opinion.

    Ask me about the funeral I'd like for my nearest and dearest and I might have a lot to say...